Strawberry Pickin’

We had a great weekend with my parents picking strawberries, exploring downtown Rome, and making all things strawberry!


Smarty Pants

We were driving home from the grocery store today after school and Lydia asked me how many hours it would be until we got home. “Less than an hour.” I replied.

L- Then how many minutes?

S- About 4.

L- How many seconds?

S- I don’t know.

A few minutes later.

L- Mom, how many seconds are in a minute?

S- 60.

L- What is 60 + 60?

S- 120

L- What is 120 + 120?

S- 240.

L- So you do know.

S- Know what?

L- How many seconds until we get home. 240 seconds until we get home.

I guess I do, Smarty Pants, I guess I do!