Oregon Coast – A Must See!

Oregon Coast – A Must See!

Southern Oregon Coast is a must-see at least once in a life

Oregon is probably one of the prettiest places I’ve seen.  The coastline is covered in cliffs, coves, and rocky structures that protrude from the water creating a mystical view… something you’d only imagine from a Harry Potter or pirate story.

We stayed about 14 miles north of Brookings OR in an old fish hatchery that has been converted into a few different beach home rentals. Arcadia Vacation Homes  The vacation homes overlook the ocean from a clifftop with a private beach that was spectacular!  And if we go to the Southern Oregon Coast again, we will stay here.


Southern Oregon Coastline where we explored – Staying at Arcadia Vacation Homes (about 14 miles North of Brookings)

Lone Ranch Beach

If you want to see tidepool creatures, this is the best place we found around Brookings to see starfish, sea anemones, crabs, hermit crabs, sea urchins and more!  It is rated well on TripAdvisor.  It is free to park and walk the park, they also have bathrooms, picnic tables, and if you go in the season there are a lot of blackberry bushes growing berries throughout the trails.

See Lone Ranch Beach on TripAdvisor


Brookings, OR

Brookings feels like the kind of town where everyone knows everyone else.  It’s beautiful driving through the historic areas, and feels a bit remote from the rest of the world.  We visited Brookings during their Southern Oregon Kite Festival and got to see a lot of fun kite flying while there.

Info on Brookings, OR

Indian Sands

This is a really COOL place to see.  A giant sand dune cascades down the cliffs overlooking the coastline and makes for a lot of fun to climb and explore, and close by are some breathtaking views over rocky arches in the water and miles of ocean.

More info on Indian Sands


I gave a talk in church today (which I pretty much think is the worst part about church ever). I want to vomit just thinking about it. Anyway. I told the story about how one year after Halloween we put the candy in a jar on the counter and the kids could have one piece a day. But in order to have a piece of candy they had to tell something they did that was kind for someone that day.  So tonight we were doing the “what did you do that was kind for someone today?” and Liam was quick to respond, “I prayed for you, Mom.” And my heart melted into a giant puddle right there on the floor. As I was doting all over him and kissing and squishing his face he asked “Now can I have a piece of candy?” So he was listening too?!?!?! That is not the point of the story, Liam, but I shall buy you all the candy in the world! Not really. Because lessons. But I want to! And I just want to freeze time for a minute in all of these good feelings of accomplishment and love and service and dance and twirl and let everything always be right in the world. Okay?

Bunk Beds

Jared built the kids bunk beds for our room. Because you know, we all co-sleep, in our giant king sized bed. But because this giant king sized bed seems smaller every night because our kids are getting ginormous, we now have bunk beds too. They have been sleeping in them for weeks. Well we have had them for weeks. The sleeping in them sometimes happens. Anyway. To the point. Apparently on the first night Lydia wrote Liam this note and hid it under his pillow. I did not know this until today. I saw Liam up on the top bunk looking at a piece of paper and I asked him what he was doing. He showed me the note. He keeps it in a special place on the top bunk and “reads” it every night before he lays down. My heart cannot take all the sweetness. They are too much. This is so Lydia and the fact that he “reads” it every night. Stop it. Stop it right now. I love the love they have for each other! They make me proud.


Friends Visit

One of Jared’s best friends from when he was a kid brought his family to visit. We had so much fun the them around here and then took them to Savannah and Jekyll Island. We had a blast and hope they did too. We can’t wait for them to come visit again!