Amelia Island, FL

Amelia Island, FL

Amelia Island is a beautiful part of the Sea Islands chain off the Florida Atlantic coast.  Between the cute, historic downtown Fernandina, Fernandina Beach, and Fort Clinch (historic military fort), it makes for a great family trip.

Fernandina Beach

Towards the end of April the Sea Turtles hatch.  We didn’t see any, but they caution beach goers to watch out for the turtles.  There is easy beach access at the point on the map.  Nice little beach town.

Downtown Fernandina Beach

There is a really cute, historic downtown in Fernandina filled with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and overlook on the water.

Restaurant Recommendations:

Fort Clinch State Park

On the North point of Amelia Island, Fort Clinch ists along the Amelia River and was used in the 19th century as a military base.  The kids loved exploring the fort and imagining being a soldier 100 years ago.  The road to Fort Clinch from the park’s entrance is a beautiful drive through a canopy of old live oaks with spanish moss.  If we visited again, we’d probably bring our bikes to bike through the road.  There is a parking fee to enter the state park, and an extra $2 per person to tour the fort.

April Fool’s Day

Lydia and I got up early to make the boys an April Fool’s breakfast. We made “eggs and buttered french toast” which was actually peaches and cream and cinnamon cake with a starburst on top. For dessert we made “cake pops” which were actually meatballs covered in mashed potatoes with sprinkles. Liam cried when he bit into the meatball. I guess when expecting cake, that is pretty gross. When asked why he was crying he stammered through tears “I hate mashed potatoes!” He doesn’t. We were cracking up. He didn’t think it was funny. Poor little guy.