We booked a three week trip to Utah for the summer. I was a little nervous because as much as we love to travel and go, go, go; I was a little nervous that three weeks might be too long away from home. But honestly, it was perfect. We stayed most of the time at Grammy and Grandpa’s house. The kids loved playing nonstop with all their cousins. We loved visiting with our grandparents. We threw in a few little weekend trips and before we knew it the whirlwind of the trip was over.




Bear Lake

Our first weekend getaway was to Leslie and Nate’s cabin at Bear Lake. It was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. We visited Minnetonka Cave, went to the park, swam in the frigid pool, rode ATV’s, relaxed, and some of us even got food poisoning (we think). It turned out to be quite the bonding experience, a bonding experience that I hope we never have to have again.



Glendale Reservoir

The next weekend we journeyed up to Susie and Jeremy’s cabin in Glendale. It is nestled in the middle of green rolling hills at base of vast mountains. The views were gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the company was better. We had a great time.


Antelope Island

This was a beautiful little trip. Antelope Island was gorgeous. I can’t believe that we’d never been here before. We hiked, enjoyed cruising the island, and even floated in the Great Salt Lake. It was so cool.

So the floating was really cool. The salt crystals all over your skin and suit when you get out were really neat, but itchy. The showering after. No one prepared us for that. You need the minimum of four quarters to turn the showers in a teeny-tiny room on. I managed to dig four quarters out of the bottom my purse, but that was all I could scrape up. That meant that our whole family had to go into the same shower room and we had a whole five minutes to let everyone shower. We entered. Each kid was strategically placed on opposite walls, facing the wall, and told not to turn around or open their eyes. All four of us got naked and lathered up with body soap all while bumping into each other. Did I mention that the door did not lock? If opened all four of our naked soapy bodies would be on display for all the beach goers. Anyone in hearing distance may have overheard things like “Do not turn around.” “Get naked fast!” “Hurry, we are running out of time!” “Don’t let your privates touch the wall.” “We better not run out of water.” “Did you soap all the stinky things?” “Get all the salt off.” “Hurry, your time is up!” “Slide that way.” “Don’t open your eyes!” “You. In. Fast.” “Now rotate to the right.”

And we were so close that at one point Jared’s stuff was “resting” across Liam’s arm while he was rinsing off. And then we all shared one towel. Because after all this, why the heck not?