Merry Christmas

We had a very Merry Christmas. We had our candlelit Christmas Eve dinner at home and then headed to Nan and Pop’s for Christmas with the family. I am so thankful for our Savior today and everyday. Merry Christmas!

Light the World

We made a goal this year to complete all 25 days leading up to Christmas lighting the world. We sat down and brainstormed some things that we wanted to do as a family to serve and help others. It was really fun. I love that my kids started thinking about others and thought of ways to serve. I love that every morning Lydia would wake up and ask “What are we doing to light the world today?” I love that every time Liam would ask for something new he’d quickly retract and say that he didn’t need it and that we should help someone in need. I love seeing them be so giving and I hope that as their mother I can teach them to be this way all the time and not just around Christmas. I hope they grow up to be kind, and giving, and successful so that they can help take care of others.

We managed to compete 23 days of service. We kinda dwindled the last two days, but that’s okay. The 23 days and 23 ways we served meant so much to us and hopefully brightened someone’s day. Here’s what we did. . . Gave new clothes to kids in need. Served at the temple. Volunteered at a food pantry. Visited a friend in the hospital. Gave a talk in church. Made cookies for our neighbors. Took dinner to my parents. Cut out felt hearts for a safe house for children. Donated new toys to kids in need. Wrote thank you notes to Sunday School teachers. Helped cut down fallen trees in the neighborhood after snow storm. Shoveled frozen driveways. Gave $20 to a homeless man. Made jello and delivered it to the sick. Mailed homemade Christmas cards to kids who are struggling this year. Donated items for the children’s hospital families. Visited a sick friend. Took treats to kids primary teachers. Donated warm hats to kids in need. Gave balloons to kids at Disney. Donated used clothes and shoes. Donated books. Made treats and gifts for school teachers. Made dinner for someone in need. Donated food to the local food pantry. Donated our used car seats. Delivered secret Santa gifts to the elderly.




Disney 2017

We did our yearly Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party again. Nan and Pop bought tickets and were supposed to come with us but Nan got a kidney stone so we transferred their tickets to Emily and Jovi’s names and took them and baby Ezra. It was so much fun. We rented a van and took them along for our craziness. We had a blast!

Surprise Snow Storm

We weren’t expecting this. much. snow. The meteorologists made it sound like we’d get a dusting. It’s beautiful but it caused a lot of tree and power line damage. There were lots of people without power for days. Thankfully we only lost power for a short time. The tree in our front yard lost some big branches and fell on the car. It has been so warm here that the trees haven’t dropped all of their leaves yet so they were holding a lot more of this wet, heavy snow than they usually would. Branches are down everywhere. Our friend from the next neighborhood came over with a chain saw and helped us with the branches. Then he and Jared went around the neighborhood to help others with their trees. Our teenage neighbor was at our door early this morning asking if he could help with the tree. People are good. When it was safe to get out Jared went and got a portable heater and took it to a family in a trailer park that was out of power and cold. We offered our home to them, but the grandfather is old and to transport all of his meds and stuff would have been too much of a hassle for them so Jared made sure they would at least be warm. People are good. And the kids enjoyed playing all day long, every day, until it all melted. They also, on their own, went and shoveled neighbor’s driveways. It was their own idea too. People are good.