Colonial Williamsburg

We decided to start heading home today. Since Jared is on pain meds I am the only driver so we are taking the drive home in chunks. Today we drove to Colonial Williamsburg to explore. It was fun. Lydia loved leading us around following the map. Jared was really sore after walking around the town today so I gave him his meds and drove as far as I could and stopped for the night.


Harper’s Ferry

Jared was feeling great so we ventured out to Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. We loved this cute little town and all the history here. We had a great day walking around and exploring. We took things slow for Jared’s sake, but we were able to see a lot of the town.

After spending the majority of the day in Harper’s Ferry, we met up with some friends who happened to be in town from Oklahoma. We met them in D.C. and spent the evening visiting Ford’s Theater, the Jefferson Memorial, and Fisherman’s Warf.

It was a great day. Jared is exhausted. Shoot, we are all exhausted.

Surgery Day

Jared has never been put under anesthesia so he was pretty nervous. He had a blessing from our home teachers before we left and I think that helped calm his nerves a bit. The nurses and doctors were all amazing and let the kids and me stay in pre-op with him until the wheeled him back. Surgery was successful and everything went well. The kids and I went back as he was coming to and he was cracking us up. He kept telling me that he was “breathing ugly” and saying other crazy stuff. I helped him get dressed and signed him out. We will spend the next few days doing whatever he feels up to. We may be chilling in the hotel or may venture out if he feels like it. The doctor did encourage walking a lot so if he feels up to it, we’ll go sight seeing. I’m glad that it’s over and that he is now on the mend. Hopefully recovery will be easy.

Washington, D. C.

Our plan was to travel to the D.C. area for spring break for Jared to have hernia surgery. There is a hernia specialist there that he wanted to see. Unfortunately this doctor was out of the country the week of our spring break so the kids and I took 3 days off and we headed up early for Jared to have surgery. Today after Jared’s pre-op appointment we went and explored in D.C. We saw the White House, went to the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and the National Air and Space Museum. We also stopped at a food truck to get Liam a Sponge Bob ice-cream. The only thing he remembers from our last visit to D.C. was getting a Sponge Bob ice-cream from a food truck and waking up with out it. He fell asleep in his stroller before he had even had two bites. So this was very important to him.

Cherry Blossom Festival

We thought that we would head to Macon for the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Only problem was that we missed the cherry blossoms.  They had already bloomed. We then headed to a peach blossom festival. Only problem was that they too had already bloomed. Haha. It was a fun day out anyway with Nan and Pop, and Em, Jo, and Ez. Better luck next year, I guess.