Feed My Starving Children

We had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with a lot of people from my school to fill food kids for Feed My Starving Children. Worldwide 6.200 children die every day from starvation related issues. We had the pleasure of packing meals to feed 299 children for a year. This organization was so awesome to work with. I teared up several times watching precious children that have been fed by this company and saved from starvation. The kids got to try several different jobs and worked so hard. It was a great experience and really made me grateful for all that I have.


Jared flew to Utah for the weekend to see Grossmutti and his family. I decided that if he got to go to Utah the kids and I needed something fun to do. We took Nan to Chattanooga and had a blast. We took a river boat tour and both of the kids got to really drive the boat. They thought that was pretty cool. My poor hair though! I just got it cut and it is super short, maybe too short and being on a boat for hours did not fair well for the hair-do. Haha. We walked around town and across the pedestrian bridge to have lunch. It was a great weekend. We sure missed Daddy, but were glad that he got to go see Grossmutti.

Spring Break

Since we were in Washington DC last weekend, we did a staycation for Spring Break. Jared needed to be back at work and rest. The kids and I went to Six Flags a few times, went to the park and Catch Air. We also celebrated Easter with family a week late.

Greenville, SC

Happy Easter! We spent the day driving home while listening to General Conference. Our last stop before home was Greenville, SC. This is one of Jared’s favorite cities. We stopped for a few hours before finally making it home. This was not our typical Easter. I have no pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits (that they wore last week). The Easter bunny came early; I don’t have pictures of that either. I have enjoyed, however, just being with my little family listening to conference and thinking about the Savior.