Happy Birthday, Liam

Happiest of Birthdays, Baby Boy! I hope you had the best day ever! You are such a joy. You keep us laughing. You are sweet and funny. You are kind and sensitive. You make me so happy. I hope you always know how much we love you. Happy 7th birthday!

Swim Team

Lydia and Liam did swim team this summer. I am so impressed with the improvements they have both made. They have practice every week day and meets once a week. It has kept us really busy. Liam was super nervous at first and cried his whole first swim meet, but by the end of the season he was meditating before his first swim and kicking butt! Once he got over his fear, he was amazing! Lydia became a much stronger swimmer too. They both got most improved in their age group!  I think all-in-all they enjoyed it.


We had a really bad storm come through and Lydia noticed a little bird stuck in the mud under our tree. He must have fallen out of a nest in our tree during the storm. Lydia was really concerned about him and she went out and saved him. She scooped him up in a shoe box and we put him in the garage. She kept checking on him and one time she went out there he was not in the box anymore. We opened the garage and let the little bird fly away.