I was on the couch while the kids were sitting at the table eating dessert. At first they didn’t know I was listening. This was their little conversation.

LT- Goosey, I am so glad I have a sister because sisters can show little brothers all kinds of things.

LG- Well, I am glad I have a little brother.

LT- Why?

LG- I don’t know.

Followed by long silence.

LG- Because he can show me awesome dance moves.

LT- Yeah, I have some really awesome dance moves.

LG- Me too.

LT- But not as good as me.

LG- True. You have the best dance moves.

When they noticed that I was sitting up, listening to them, frantically writing down everything they said, Liam turned to Lydia, giggled, and whispered loudly looking at me from the corners of his eyes, “I’m glad we have a Mommy too, but she doesn’t know all the things.”

Those two melt my heart! I’m glad they have each other too.


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