So we were having a pretty incredible tea party for family night (Lydia’s pick). Per usual, we were saying some pretty fancy English-tea appropriate things. At one point Liam said “Oh, man, I forgot to hold out my pinky!” And Lydia slurped worse than Papa Great eating soggy bread in a bowl of canned milk. In the mist of all this properness I asked Lydia “What do you find the most delightful about this lovely evening, dear?” To which Jared interjected “YOUR TERRIBLE ENGLISH ACCENT!!!” Although I was highly offended, we all cracked up. Liam laughed so hard he spewed his “Lemon Tea” all over the plate of crumpets. Then he cried and cried because they were wet. And that, my friends, is how the best tea party ever was ruined. Dang my aspirations to be like Princess Kate and my attempt at an English accent. And apparently it was all my fault. “You shouldn’t have made me laugh,” Liam said with a scorn. We really need to work on taking responsibility for one’s actions and missteps instead of blaming it on someone (anyone and everyone) else. No matter what happens, he trips, he falls, he knocks something over, he always crinkles his eyebrows and says something like “You should have helped me” or “You shouldn’t have put that there”. It is usually quite humorous, but it is probably something we should start working on. Because obviously, everyone laughing at my English accent and Liam spewing Lemonade across the room is not all my fault.


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