Happy Birthday, Liam!


Birthdays are so bittersweet for me. I love that you are growing. I love that we have made it another year together. I love that you are so healthy and strong and smart. I love that you are mine and I am yours. I love that you are about to start kindergarten. But I hate it too. I hate that time seems to go too fast. I hate that my baby is already five. FIVE! I want to remember everything about you right now. The way you still talk with that sweet, little lisp. The way the top of your head smells after a bath. The way you joke about everything. The way you reply “I love a girl!” and bat your big eyes at me after I tell you that I love a boy. I want to remember the way you look at me with those big doe eyes and pouty lips when you want something. I want to remember the way you ask every night if you can get on the big bed because you need to snuggle me. The way you beg for a beach wave in the front of your hair every morning and get mad if it’s not big enough. The way you believe you have magic and powers and super strength and super speed. The way you giggle and laugh when we even act like we are going to tickle you and then the way you cackle uncontrollably when we actually do. I want to remember the way you say a prayer when a storm is coming or when you feel afraid. The way you fold your little arms and peek with one eye when we say family prayer. The way you try to pack fifteen things into your family night when it’s your pick. I want to remember the way your little hand feels in mine and the way you grab my face with both hands to kiss me. The way you get nervous in public and hide behind me. The way you pucker your big lips for a kiss. The way you adore and harass your sister. I want to remember the way you ask me a million questions a day that I don’t know the answers to. I want to soak it all in today because before I know it you will be six and seven and grown. You are amazing, Liam. You are smart, and funny, and wise. You make us laugh every day. You are the best boy I know. You make me happy. I am honored to be your mother.  I love you, Liam Tige. Happy Birthday!

Pre-K crush


Liam has had a huge crush on this little girl in his class all year. The one he wanted to eat breath mints for, you know.  Well yesterday he came out to car line with the biggest grin ever. As he climbed in the car he showed me a paper heart that she cut out for him. And so it begins. . .


Tonight Liam was being a punk and not listening. Jared told him not to do something and he did it anyway. So I asked “Liam, why would you disobey Daddy like that? Do you think that makes Daddy happy?”

L- No.

S- Do you think that makes Jesus happy?

L- No.

S- So are you happy with the choices you are making?

L- Yep.

Great. We have failed somewhere, y’all. Sometimes I am not sure what to do with him!

Smarty Pants

We were driving home from the grocery store today after school and Lydia asked me how many hours it would be until we got home. “Less than an hour.” I replied.

L- Then how many minutes?

S- About 4.

L- How many seconds?

S- I don’t know.

A few minutes later.

L- Mom, how many seconds are in a minute?

S- 60.

L- What is 60 + 60?

S- 120

L- What is 120 + 120?

S- 240.

L- So you do know.

S- Know what?

L- How many seconds until we get home. 240 seconds until we get home.

I guess I do, Smarty Pants, I guess I do!

Ninja School


I am pretty sure we just made all of his dreams come true! Liam is obsessed with ninjas. He used to call them “ningers”, but recently he figured it out the correct pronunciation. He’s always all “Mom, I’m bionic.” And then I ask what that means and he is all “It means I am super human and have super human powers.- Duh!” He doesn’t actually say duh, but in the tone of his voice it is totally implied. So to fuel his obsession we enrolled him in a Tae-Kwan-Do class. I have also heard that Karate is good for self-confidence and stuff so we thought- perfect, Liam is about as socially awkward as I am so this should be great for him. He is super anxious about school lately and other social situations at times. This is going to help so much, I thought. He cried halfway through every class. Twice a week. For six weeks. Sigh. But then he came home and “Hi-ya”ed us half to death. He really did love it, once he got over the anxiety of the newness.

I, on the other hand, am not so sure I came out unscathed. I almost cried half of each class too. It was a little intimidating. I am no good at new social situations either, Liam. At least you get it honestly. And I, in all my Steph-awkwardness, apparently made a fool out of myself quite often there. See when you walk in the place is packed with people walking in and out, people waiting at the front desk to talk to the lady, and parents sitting and watching on these little benches. It is so loud with all the Yes, Sirs and Thank you, Sirs. One, Sir. Two, Sir. Three, Sirs. And the office lady. Well, she got me. I heard her reprimand several people, okay children, for not bowing and saying “Yes, Ma’am” or “Hello, Ma’am” or “Thank you, Ma’am” when she spoke to them. So being all new to this Ninja business, I had no idea what the proper Ninja mom etiquette was. So when she walked up to me and bowed to me and said “Nice to meet you Ma’am” I was dumbfounded. Nervous. Sweating. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. So I, in all my dignified glory, half bowed, half waved with one hand at the woman and said something. Good gosh. I have no idea what I said. Hopefully Hello Ma’am or Nice to meet you too or something half normal! After  six weeks (and I had done this little, awkward half bow-half wave every single class to her or Master Kim or the kid teachers who all bowed to me) Jared informed me that he didn’t think I needed to bow as I am not a Ninja student. I am an adult. Am I? I mean, really. Am I? Stop bowing to me then. I don’t know what to do. How am I supposed to respond to that? Bless my heart.


Liam has a serious case of the rights! Everything he says he asks “Right?” immediately following.
I’m hungry. Right?
Roxy is acting like a dodo. Right?
Lydia is in first grade. Right?
I have to pee. Right?
Half the time I’m all I don’t know. Are you hungry? Do you have to pee? Then if he says something wrong like “It will snow tomorrow. Right?” and you try to correct him, he just repeats himself louder and says “RIGHT???? RIGHT???” until you agree. There is no point in trying to correct him anymore. I just say right to everything. This is a fun stage. Right? It will end soon. Right? I am not going to lose my mind. Right?