Lydia is all limbs. Tall and skinny with arms and legs for days! She came home one day and proceeded to throw her hands on the floor as the rest of her lanky body flailed around. I was all what in the world is she trying to do? She explained that she was trying to do a handstand. Oh. Wow. Then she explained that she and her friends practice this every day at recess. Every day, y’all. And people can see. And her teacher probably sees. Y’all. Seriously. It began more like a mule kick. But this little booger has practiced every day for weeks. At recess for the world to see. At home until her wrists are sore. At Nanny’s house. All the time. A little bit of her mama’s embarrassment ain’t gonna get this girl down! And she is proof that practice makes perfect. After throwing her little, string bean body around for hours a day she can do an almost perfect handstand. Gymnastics here we come! That is what she has decided she wants to do next year after ballet is over. If she is still this into it then, I guess that is what we shall do. Bless her heart. I’m so proud of her determination and self-confidence. I need to be more like her. Love you, Goosey Girl!

calling all mermaids and pirates

A few weeks ago I took the kids to The Children’s Museum. We parked in the parking deck and as soon as we got out of the car thunder rumbled so loud it shook the ground. Great. The forecast was clear that morning. We tried to walk to the museum but the rain was coming down in sheets, the cloud to ground lightning was terrifying, and the thunder shook everything. I was keeping calm, cool, and collected but Liam was freaking out! We waited it out and then walked to the park (because they were not letting more people into the museum). Then it came again! Liam spazzed again. Since then he has been completely petrified of storms, rain, or even dark clouds. He tells me several times a day “Mom, check the weather on your phone and tell me if there is going to be dark clouds.”

So the day before their pool party the forecast was calling for 80% chance of thunderstorms. I told the kids that it might storm at their party and we would not be able to swim. Storm?!?!? Liam was not going to have that. So he said a special prayer that went like this “Heavenwy Fader, please tell Jesus to put his magic on the weather and take away the storms and let it be a sunny, sunny day with no dark cwouds.” He said a prayer like this several times on the day of the party too as storms were blowing through all day. The storm that was supposed to hit right at party time either blew through earlier or never came at all. About 30 minutes before the party the sky cleared up, the dark clouds diminished, and we were able to have their little party free of rain and thunder and best of all free of fear!  Last night Liam thanked Heavenly Father and Jesus for “taking away the storms and dark cwouds”. I love that Heavenly Father loves us enough to answer a 4 year old’s prayer. And I love the faith that this little 4 year old has.

They had a great time at their party. Thanks to all who came to celebrate and for all the help from my mom and sisters. They are the best!

Bday inviteBLOG


^^^Cutest pirate ever!^^^




^^^Nan and I made her mermaid tail. She never takes it off. ^^^









^^^Nanny spent weeks making all of these little mermaid dolls that I am still swooning over! ^^^



^^^I may or may not have caught the 6 on fire. Oops!^^^




^^^Not a fan of thunder or fire !^^^




^^^Uncle Phil pulled this train of cousins forever. Faster, Unc, Faster! ^^^




That time I hugged Liam’s teacher and it was super awkward.

Today was Liam’s first day of preschool. We had no intention of putting him in school this year, but as we were looking for a Pre-K for next year for him we kept coming back to the same school Lydia went to. It just felt right. Well, they only had two spots left and the only way to secure his spot was to enroll him now. So we did. He is going two days a week for just a few hours for the next month or so. This way he will get into the lottery funded Pre-K next year. We were all very concerned about how he would do today. He is very shy and sensitive if Lydia or Madi are not with him. So we did lots of talking about school and what to expect and about how Mommy and Daddy will always come back. He seemed excited. Last night Jared gave Liam a Father’s blessing. We got out a special coin that he can keep in his pocket to touch or hold if he is feeling sad or scared. We tried to teach him how he could keep a prayer in his heart or pray quietly to Heavenly Father any time he was sad or scared at school. He was ready to be so brave. Then Lydia said family prayer and asked “Please bless Liam when he goes to his first day of school tomorrow. Please help him be brave and make new friends. And please let him be happy at school.” We were in tears over her sweet prayer in behalf of her brother. Her words came completely from her heart with no help from Jared or me. She is the sweetest.

Jared dropped Liam off this morning after getting him ready, feeding him breakfast, and helping him color a picture for his teacher. He texted me to let me know that he cried a little when he left which made me need to throw up a little in the middle of my math lesson. I get so nervous for them and feel their pain. I hoped and prayed that he would have a good day. And he did.

I took a half day off work to go pick him up. Nanny will normally pick him up since he gets out before Lydia and I do. But I really wanted to be there to pick him up on his first day. We got there like 35 minutes early to watch him through the one way window. He wasn’t crying, but he was standing off to the side just watching everyone else do circle time. He was not going to be a part of that today. Then they went outside so we went and peeked out a window to watch him. He went down the slide a few times and then followed the teacher around. But at least he wasn’t crying.

When it was finally time for class to end he came out and was excited to see us. Then I totally embarrassed myself. We were walking out of the building and I was standing against the door, holding it open, and I turned to tell his teacher that Nanny will usually be picking him up (just so that it was clear and she didn’t let anyone else take him- because I am paranoid like that). So I told her, and then she reached her arm up kinda behind me and for some crazy reason my brain thought she was comin’ in for a hug or something and before I had a second to think I had both arms wrapped around her waist kinda huntched over hugging this woman that I don’t even know. SHE WAS NOT COMIN’ IN FOR A HUG, Y’ALL, SHE WAS REACHING FOR THE DOOR!!!!! And for some reason when I all awkwardly let go of her and picked my head up off of her shoulder she kinda patted me on the back and said “ohhhhh”, like how unexpected and bless your heart and please don’t touch me again. And something totally must have possessed me because this pat on the back made me go right back in for another. I HUGGED HER AGAIN, Y’ALL, AND I DO NOT KNOW WHY! IT JUST HAPPENED.  It was the most awkward thing I can remember happening. Ever. As I pulled away for the second time, I thought to myself What in the world are you doing???? I turned and walked away, my head hung in complete humiliation. I got to the car and sat there laughing so hard my face hurt. My stomach hurt. It was the ugly laugh ’till you cry and your face looks pretty messed up laugh. My mom and I could not leave the parking lot of at least 15 minutes from laughing. I seriously do not know where to go from here. Do I apologize? Do I ever step foot in that building again? Do I just keep hugging her every time I see her? I am not even a hugger, y’all. I have no idea how this even happened. She probably thinks I am an emotionally fragile hugger lady. I hope she still treats Liam normal. Because I am sure she is like BLESS HER HEART!

At least Liam is young enough to not be embarrassed by me because if he was older he may never talk to me again after this.

Family Hike

It’s a great day for a family hike. There was only a little wailing and gnashing of teeth from the children. Sigh. There was still some snow at the top of the mountain and the melting snow was creating some awesome little waterfalls. At one point Liam was like “Yep, I see a reindeer.” I thought he was just being imaginative, but sure enough there were 5 deer just to the north of us.  We sat and watched them for a while. Being in this protected park, they were not afraid of us at all. That was fun. It was fun to spend some time outside. I am ready for spring!







                                                          ^^^Earnin’ her keep!^^^




^^^Family Night!^^^


^^^Those little fingers!^^^



^^^Children’s Museum with the cousins^^^














her Daddy’s girl

Lydia wrote me a song the other night. She is her Daddy’s girl! He used to always write me songs. That’s how he got me to fall in love with him, y’all. A word to the wise- take her to the park, bring your guitar, sing her a song. Done! I hope those sweet skills rub off on our littles. And it looks like they just might!



I posted this precious picture on Instagram and my sister reminded me of our killer song writing skills back in the day. How could I not claim some of this brilliance? Vicki and I always wrote songs to our parents when we wanted something. I guess we thought that was a sure way to get a ‘yes’ out of them. Work hard on a song complete with dance choreography, perform it, and it was a shoe in! I am not really sure how they saw past the bangs, the very large bangs on both of us, but somehow they found it darling. It almost always worked! Our songs usually went something like this “Mom, please, please, please, please, please can Tori sleep ooovvveeerrrrr?” I think it was the down on one knee at the end that really sealed the deal! What do you think, Vic?