Pre-K crush


Liam has had a huge crush on this little girl in his class all year. The one he wanted to eat breath mints for, you know.  Well yesterday he came out to car line with the biggest grin ever. As he climbed in the car he showed me a paper heart that she cut out for him. And so it begins. . .


I was on the couch while the kids were sitting at the table eating dessert. At first they didn’t know I was listening. This was their little conversation.

LT- Goosey, I am so glad I have a sister because sisters can show little brothers all kinds of things.

LG- Well, I am glad I have a little brother.

LT- Why?

LG- I don’t know.

Followed by long silence.

LG- Because he can show me awesome dance moves.

LT- Yeah, I have some really awesome dance moves.

LG- Me too.

LT- But not as good as me.

LG- True. You have the best dance moves.

When they noticed that I was sitting up, listening to them, frantically writing down everything they said, Liam turned to Lydia, giggled, and whispered loudly looking at me from the corners of his eyes, “I’m glad we have a Mommy too, but she doesn’t know all the things.”

Those two melt my heart! I’m glad they have each other too.

her Daddy’s girl

Lydia wrote me a song the other night. She is her Daddy’s girl! He used to always write me songs. That’s how he got me to fall in love with him, y’all. A word to the wise- take her to the park, bring your guitar, sing her a song. Done! I hope those sweet skills rub off on our littles. And it looks like they just might!



I posted this precious picture on Instagram and my sister reminded me of our killer song writing skills back in the day. How could I not claim some of this brilliance? Vicki and I always wrote songs to our parents when we wanted something. I guess we thought that was a sure way to get a ‘yes’ out of them. Work hard on a song complete with dance choreography, perform it, and it was a shoe in! I am not really sure how they saw past the bangs, the very large bangs on both of us, but somehow they found it darling. It almost always worked! Our songs usually went something like this “Mom, please, please, please, please, please can Tori sleep ooovvveeerrrrr?” I think it was the down on one knee at the end that really sealed the deal! What do you think, Vic?

Happy Love Day

Jared is out of town for the most overrated day of the year. We will celebrate our love later. But for the children- nothing says love like rain boots and undies, am I right? And if they had the chance, they’d wear nothing but this every day!


And this is Lydia’s Valentine’s Day writing from school. Can I just bottle her up and keep her like this forever? She never ceases to amaze me or make me feel loved. Best girl ever!


Merry Christmas

Guard Him, Joseph

By: Sally DeFord

Guard him, Joseph, as he slumbers,
There behind the stable doors
Let no errant sound distress him,
Tread thou softly on the floor
Linger watchful round the manger;
Hush thy voice and still the beasts
For thou hast within thy keeping
Christ, the infant Prince of Peace

Guard him, Joseph, through the darkness;
Watching o’er him till the dawn
Bid the shepherds enter meekly,
Sstand in wonder, gaze in awe
Trim thy lamp and shield thy candle;
See they burn all through the night
For thou hast within thy keeping
Christ, the everlasting Light

Guard him, Joseph, from all danger;
Keep thy vigil nigh his bed
Let no harm nor grief befall him;
Stand thou in a father’s stead
When his mother’s arms be weary,
Hold him gently as thine own
For thou hast within thy keeping
God’s own well-beloved Son.


I heard this Christmas song for the first time this year and fell in love with it. I cannot imagine what it would have been like for Mary and Joseph-  to be chosen to be the earthly parents of the Savior of the world. The more I thought about the words of this beautiful song, the more I thought about my own sacred responsibility to guard my own children of God. How grateful I am that we have a loving Heavenly Father that sent his only begotten Son to this earth to be our Savior. I am thankful for Mary and Joseph who welcomed the responsibility of caring for him on this earth. I am so thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and his Atonement for me. I am thankful for a Father in Heaven who entrusted me with two of his children to “guard”.  The words of this song make me want to be a better mother- to protect them from danger, to “stand in wonder and gaze in awe” a little more, to make sure that I teach my children to serve and love others, to know their Savior and Father in Heaven, to feel the spirit, to learn all they can, to be kind to others, and to follow the example of our Savior. So this Christmas I am trying to think about Him a little more, talk about Him a little more, show gratitude a little more, and serve others a little more.

From our family to yours- Merry Christmas!