The day of her baptism could not have been more perfect for Lydia or our little family. We sat around the font, a little semi-circle of all the people I love most (just immediate family per Lydia’s request) singing as Jared played the guitar. I thought right then and there my heart might burst into a billion pieces. The love felt in that room filled every part of my soul. I have no adequate words for the peace, and love, and gratitude that enveloped me as I looked at each precious face seated around that font. As Jared and I walked her to the font she started trembling and sobbing. I knelt down on the bathroom floor and held my baby in my arms and prayed for her comfort and courage. She giggled nervously, the way she does when she’s trying not to cry, into my dress, snotting all over me. Then her daddy walked her into the font. I stood on the steps behind them and watched my baby girl covenant with our Father in Heaven and take upon herself the name of Jesus Christ. What a glorious day. I am so proud of her for overcoming her fear and doing something that she knew was right, and important, and sacred, and eternal. She is my hero. My heart overfloweth.



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