We’re in the club! We went camping at Mile High Campground in North Carolina. The times were as glorious as the views! At first I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go because, you know, camping. And also Jared’s expectations.

We were getting ready to go camping. I had gotten both kids “ready”. Jared looked at Liam and said “Let’s go do your hair.” And I was like “Why, we’re going camping. He looks cute. He is going to wear a hat anyway. Why do you need to do his hair?” And my husband looked at me sideways and said “We still do our hair when we are camping.” And I was all HOLD THE PHONE! What? You don’t even have hair, big guy! The only reason I want to go camping at all is so that I don’t have to wear a real bra, or put on make-up, or do my hair for three days! If your expectation is that hair will be done and real bras will be worn, I cannot go camping!

But we went anyway. Nan and Pop joined us for a night. It was a blast.





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