We planted flowers in the front yard last night. Lydia was so into it. She helped me dig holes, put in fertilizer, place plants in, cover them up, and then she watered them (all while getting SOAKED of course). Liam was more interested in playing catch or frisbee with whoever would stop working for a minute to throw with him. Eventually it was just the girls planting and the boys playing. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. The highlight of the evening was when Daddy found a snail in one of the flower beds. They kids played with and inspected him for a while. Liam named him Corbin after his new friend at school even though when I was picking him up on the first day (pre awkward hug) Corbin told me “Liam is my new friend” to which Liam said to me “No, I’m not. I did not make any friends today!” All with a scowl on his face. Sigh. Perhaps we need to discuss friendship skills, I thought to myself.

As I talked to him this week he told me that no one asked him to be friends at school. So we talked about what being a friend is and how he is friends with all of the kids in his class (if they ask him to be friends or not). You don’t need a formal invitation, Buds. Just be kind to everyone. You are three. Everyone is your friend. And today was a better day. He was friends with everyone, just like Goosey.








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