I have straddled too many strangers in my life time. Two is about two too many! How do I always find myself in these awkward situations? We took the kids to White Water. All was fun and sun until we decided to go on the body flumes. The kids are at a fun age where they are big enough to do some big rides and actually enjoy them. We always send an adult down first so that someone will be at the bottom when they get down, ya know. Well it was my turn to go first. I noticed that the fellow in front of me was rather large, but didn’t think much of it. I sat and when the light turned green pushed off. Half way down the slide I rounded this corner and could see Mr. Big STOPPED on the slide. There was not enough water pressure to push him. And I was flying towards him pretty fast- too fast to stop myself. I tried.  All these questions race through my mind. What am I going to do? Do I lock my knees and hit him with the bottom of my feet? That would hurt. Do I try to turn sideways? Do I spread my legs and straddle this stranger? Can I even manage that? He’s big! I was dragging my hands on the side of the slide trying to slow myself down but it wasn’t doing much good. I slammed into him – straddle style and we slowly rode the rest of the slide together. AWKWARD! Then I was like What do I do with my arms? Wrap them around him? Scratch is hairy back? Drag them behind us? Thank goodness I was smart enough to use them to push is the rest of the way down.  And after all of me was touching all of him I was just praying that when we dropped in the pool at the end that he wouldn’t squash me. That was a legitimate concern. When we dropped in the pool I tried to dive to the side to keep myself safe. It worked. We both walked out unscathed. Only our pride was wounded. Jared is going first from now on.


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