While I was whipping up something for dinner like a good Mama tonight Liam hid under the craft table and colored all over himself with markers. I only realized this when I overheard this conversation.

L1- Liam, please come out. Please. Please. You do not have to hide, Liam. Everyone makes mistakes. I am even in kindergarten and sometimes I make mistakes. Mommy and Daddy even make mistakes. Everyone.  You need to go tell Mommy the truth.

L2- No.

L1 – Just go tell Mommy what you did and tell the truth. Everybody makes mistakes. Just DO NOT make yourself THAT beautiful again.

Liam came and confessed. I swear. Lydia has magical powers!

Then when I was getting them ready for bed I tried to reinforce by asking “Liam, what do we color on?” And he looked at me with those big, mischievous eyes and answered “Mom, we all make mistakes.” The answer is paper, Liam. Paper. We only color on paper.  And thank you little Mama for the stern yet loving lecture. 


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