Our dog is racist and Liam thinks that every black man is Martin Luther King. Um. . . . yeah.

Jared had a lady come over to take his blood work for our new insurance policy and when the dark lady came to the door Roxy went nuts. She acted like she was going to take the poor woman down and chew her face off! And the poor lady was not amused. Jared put her in her crate upstairs and Roxy would still not let up. That lady did her work and ran out of here like Bruce Jenner from 1976. Bless her heart. Roxy is super protective of the kids and me, but if Jared is home she is usually pretty chill. I guess not if you’re Madea! We could hear the tires burnin’ as she rounded the corner.

And Liam. Liam, Liam, Liam. Walking through the store the other day we passed a black man and he was all “Mom, wook, it’s Martin Wufer King. He’s not dead. The bad guys did not kill him.” Geez. He has done this a few times now. Good times.


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