I love living in the south where we observe MLK day, which for me means a day off! I’ll take all of those I can get! Lydia learned a lot about Martin Luther King Jr. at school this year. She taught Liam a lot about MLK. Well the little inquisitive thing that he is had lots of questions. Eventually he asked. . .

LT- Well, where is Mawtin Wufer King?

LG- He died.

LT- How?

LG- The bad guys killed him.

LT- The BAD GUYS killed Jesus and Mawtin Wufer King? Oh, my gosh!


And then a few hours later he asked me. . .

LT- Mom, do we still have bad guys on this earth?

S- Yes, buddy, we do.

LT- Well, when are they going to kill us?

S- Um. . . hopefully never.

And he has been super concerned about bad guys ever since.

In light of all of that. . . Nanny and I took the kids to the zoo for the day. Lydia was really excited to see the rhinos to see if the baby rhino was as big as the mommy now. It is. We couldn’t tell which was which. Liam’s favorite part was seeing the orangoutang pee from up on a rope. He thought it was pretty funny. That and riding the train. The weather was perfect and we were super happy that the sun was finally out! Last week was a drag with nothing but clouds! And blurry photos. I forgot a camera and left my phone in the car. These are from my mom’s phone. Oops!




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