Normally Lydia is the one advising and comforting Liam, but she must be rubbing off on him. Today in the car on the way home from school Lydia started to tell me something that a little friend at school told her and then she stopped and started tearing up and said “I don’t want to tell you; I’m scared.” Well that got the wheels turning in my head! Based on some other things this kid has said to her I was all What in the world could this kid have told her! What in the heck is she scared to tell me! I told Lydia that she could tell me anything and I would always be here for her and that she should never be scared to tell me anything. I will help her through anything. And the more I talked all sweet and mushy like that the more she cried. “I want to tell you, but I am scared.” she said. My throat was knotting up and my stomach was churning. What in the world. I was imagining all kinds of crazy things. My baby is only 5! What the heck did she hear at school today?!?!?!?

About this time Liam leans forward and looks at her and says, “Goosie, it is okay. Just tell Mommy, she will help you. And please don’t be sad. Don’t keep crying. It will be okay.”

Then he looked at me looking at him in the rear view mirror and said “Mommy, I will always take care of my sister. I promise.”

I about pulled that car over to jerk him out of his seat to squeeze that boy! Sweet little munchkin. And he was so sincere too. I love how they love each other. My heart is so full!

And I am happy to report that when we got home Lydia and I sat down and she told me about the “scary story” she was told by a friend at school. Like a Halloween story, y’all. Not like the mother’s worst nightmare stories that were running all through my head on the drive home. I mean, what could she possibly be scared to tell me?   I was relieved and she felt better after we talked about it. She wasn’t scared to talk to me about it she was scared of the story, so that lightened the weight on my shoulders a bit.  I hope and pray she can and will always confide in me. All is well, all is well. And it’s good to know that my boy will always take care of his sister. 


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