I will never understand. Never Ever.
Liam thinks his wiener is the greatest thing ever.

The other day he and I had this conversation. . .
L-Mom, do you wanna see what’s in my pants.
S- No, Liam.
L-Mom, I said, do you want to see what is in my pants? (As if I did not fully understand the question the first time)
S-Liam, I said NO. I do not want to see what is in your pants.

And the little booger flashed me anyway. He thought that he was super funny that he got himself dressed and didn’t bother to put undies on. “Mine wiener just needs to be comfortable.” He told me very matter-of-factly.

Perhaps I should have said Liam, I made you. I carried you for over nine months. I saw your jewels before you were even born. I changed your diaper a bazillion times and I still give you a bath. I KNOW what is in your pants. I do not need to see it. I do not want to see it! KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS!!!


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