This side of the table is really nerve-wracking! Lydia is doing well, of course. She is super smart and got all perfect scores on her report card, except in two areas. And both of these still make me smile!

Completes tasks in a timely manner

Her teacher called her pokey. We laughed. Yes, we know. The child is not in a hurry to do anything, ever. She cannot be rushed. She was nine days late, remember. But her teacher was really nice about it and said that it is not a problem (yet). She said something along the lines of. . .  She is a perfectionist and likes to take her time on everything. She doesn’t mind if people are waiting for her. She is just so happy-go-lucky, and content, and she doesn’t have a care in the world. Everything in Lydia’s world is happy, and good, and pretty. And I thought, shouldn’t every five year old have that luxury- to not have any worries, to look at the world like everything is wonderful and nice, and everyone is your best friend. I am so happy that we are so blessed to be able to provide such a stable and content environment for her.  She is one awesome kid!  And I hope and pray that when she is faced with something difficult, that she will handle it with grace and dignity.

Then the second- awareness of pitch in music

And we cracked up here too. This will probably always be mediocre. She is her mother’s daughter! 


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