This summer we did Yellowstone!  It was beautiful.  Even with a short 2 day trip we were able to see quite a bit.  Before we arrived we did a lot of research online, and spent time talking to the rangers upon our arrival to make sure we saw the best sites in our short amount of time there… so I’m mapping out the best things we saw at Yellowstone.

Doing Yellowstone in 2 Days

We entered through the West Entrance toward Madison to start the loop.  TIP: If you plan on camping in Yellowstone, make sure you book your campsite several months prior… maybe as much as 6 months or more.  We were lucky to book a campsite for 1 night (trying for 2) about 3 months prior.

Day 1:

  1. Lower Geyser Basin
  2. Midway Geyser Basin
  3. Upper Geyser Basin
  4. Old Faithful
  5. West Thumb Geyser Basinthis one was cool right on the edge of Yellowstone Lake
  6. Bridge Bay Campsite – we pitched a tent here and slept the night.  It was a great campsite within walking distance to Yellowstone Lake, and we had several visitors join us in the campsite (Elk… but no Bear!). .

Day 2:

  1. Mud Volcano
  2. Canyon VillageGrand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Make sure you see the Upper and Lower Falls)
  3. Mammoth Hot Springsthis is a great place to stop and walk through the town as well as the springs which create really bizarre shelfs off the cliff-side as the spring runs down the mountain.  
  4. Norris Geyser Basin this is a must stop on your way through Yellowstone with a breathtaking bridge-walk through geyesrs and hot-pots
  5. Artists Paintpots


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