Camping in the Smokies

There is nothing like escaping the heat and heading to the mountains.  We just found a new favorite camping place in North Carolina called Mile High Campground.  The views are spectacular.  It’s no wonder Good Morning America picked Mile High Campground as one of America’s Favorite Places.

Mile High Campground is located in Cherokee, NC just outside of the Cherokee Reservation.  Most campsites have amazing views that go for miles, and an incredible sunset view that makes this place a must see at least once in a lifetime.

BIA Highway 407
Maggie Valley, NC 28751


Our recommended campsites

  • T1 (has a good amount of space for kids with a nice view)
  • T00 (drive-in site with a wide view and lots of space)
  • T0 (private site but small area.  Drive-in site)
  • T4 (very private site with wide view, not drive in, and small)

If none of the tent-only sites are available, the other red circled sites are other good options.

Soco Trout Pond

We visited a trout pond for the kids to snag some dinner and teach them how to cook a trout over the fire.  It was a fun addition to our camping trip.

Soco Gap Trout Pond


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