Wilderness at the Smokies – A Groupon Winner!

We left this hotel feeling like we stole from them.  The Groupon deal gave us 2 nights at a gorgeous resort, passes to their indoor and outdoor waterparks, and $100 worth of gaming from the arcade.  We don’t usually book stuff like this, but this trip was about what the kids would love… and they did!

The Water Parks

Certainly the fact that this resort has its own indoor and outdoor water parks is the main reason you stay here.  But I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of the water park rides were right up there with Six Flags.  They have several multi-person tube rides, a wave pool, a surfing wave, a lazy river, and several other smaller pools and kids play areas.

The Arcade

Between the indoor and outdoor water parks, the arcade has games, rock climbing, bowling, areal obstacle course, and more.  With the credits they gave us as part of the Groupon, our kids played more games than they could dream.  They took away more prizes than their little arms could carry.  I’m not a fan of brining home junk… but it sure made our kids feel like they were on top of the world!


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