So Lydia comes home from school one day and tells me this story. 

L-Mom, I picked a HUGE booger at school today but I did not want anyone to see so I put it back in my nose.
S-Gross! How did I miss DO NOT PICK YOUR NOSE IN CLASS in our back to school talk?
L-Later it fell out on the carpet.

A few days later. . .

S- How was your day?
L-Good. I had a HUGE booger again.
S-Oh no. Did you go to the bathroom and blow your nose?
L-No, I picked it so no one could see and held it in my hand until I could wash my hands. Then I washed it down the sink.
S-Lydia, someone ALWAYS sees! Don’t be that kid. The booger kid! Go to the bathroom and blow your nose. Okay?


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