I feel like ever since we brought little man home from the hospital we have had bath time issues. Tonight was no different. I plopped them in and sat down on the bathroom floor to talk to them. They are hilarious and we have some of our best conversations when they are contained in the bath tub. Immediately they both peed. Liam stands and warns Goosie. She grabs a princess cup and catches it mid-stream and then dumps it in the water as they both laugh. One day I’ll care. Then Liam took a princess cup. (Shocking, eh?) He filled it up with bath water and asked “Who wants some water?” No one. The answer is no one, Liam. I told him that no one was allowed to drink the pee pee bath water.

LT- But, Mom, it’s only a wittle pee.
S- Gross. No. You are not drinking that.
LT- Mom, go away.
S- I am not going away so that you can drink the bath water.
LT- Mom, just go out.
S- No, Liam, I will not go out so that you can drink the pee pee bath water.
LT- Go out, Mom.
LT- (in his most sincere voice) Mom, I fink you fordot to wash the dishes!
S-Liam, I am not going to go wash the dishes so that you can drink that water. Forget about it!
LT- Mom, I fink you need to do the waundry.
S-Liam, give it up! You are not drinking the bath water!

What a little booger! Too much going on in that head! He’s a thinker! How do they come up with this stuff?


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