Even though the county school system was closed today, L’s private school decided to hold classes anyway so that the kids could do their Valentine stuff. Lydia was super excited. She and Daddy spent a lot of time on her box. She requested a dog and rainbow with glitter. I say they did a fine job! She was proud of it. We took Lydia to school for a little bit to party with her class. 

Liam and I went with Daddy to work and walked to breakfast, just the two of us, while Daddy worked.  Some of the roads are still a little icy and my car is acting funny. But I had to get out of the house! We spent much of the morning jamming in the car to music waiting on Daddy.

Then we picked Lydia up from school and went to lunch. I swear I spent more time in the bathroom with the two little lovies than I did at the table. Oh, the joys! One time when we were in there. .  .one of the many times when they both said they needed to go, but no one but me actually went. . . yeah, Liam had a lot to say.

L2- Mom, I can see your butt.
S-Yes, Buddy, we are in the bathroom and I have to pee. Close your eyes.
L2- Mom, I can still see your butt!
S- Hush, Liam.
L2- Mom, you don’t have a wiener.
S- No, Liam, I do not. HUSH!
L2- Boys have wieners, but moms do not. MOMS. DO. NOT.

And it went on and on in the freakishly tiny stall where we were basically all touching each other the entire time. Good times. And there were several more returns just like this. I should have just taken my meal in there.

After this pleasant meal experience, Daddy went to work and the kids and I came home. Lydia went through all of her Valentines from school and shared an obscene amount of candy with her brother. 

Daddy surprised us with a crab boil for dinner and key lime pie for dessert. Yum-o! It was a wonderful day together. Jared and I are celebrating tomorrow in Atlanta- a trip to the temple and lunch somewhere fun. So much love around here and so much to be thankful for! We are blessed! 


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