Liam Tige,
Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! It is hard to believe it was three years ago that you decided to make your grand entrance into this world the day before my scheduled c-section. The day before, Liam. I was supposed to walk myself into the operating room, pain free. Instead, I endured hours of labor before you were delivered by c-section. And you have been a little jokester ever since! You were completely worth it all.  You love to be funny, and most of the time you are. You are very inquisitive and ask questions that I sometimes have to google the answer to. You are a problem solver and have a solution for everything. You are still super sensitive and sweet. You adore your sister and want to do everything that she does, but at the same time, you harass her mercilessly. You are an amazing little boy and we are so proud of you! And I must say. . . you are cute as heck too. I’m so glad God gave me you! I love you more than my arms can reach. Happy Birthday, Liam.

Love, Mommy


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