Liam Tige,
Happy birthday, little man! I cannot believe that you are two! You are such a joy to us. You make us laugh every day. You are funny, and you know it, which may end up being problematic in the future.  You keep us on our toes with all of your dare devil moves.  You are fearless at times and jump off of everything!  You are wild and crazy but sweet and sensitive too. You love your sister and walk around all day long calling her name trying to tell her things. She ignores you. A lot. You love to harass her until she cries too. I have a feeling that this will last until you are both adults and possibly beyond.  You try to do everything that Goosie does. When you are not copying her you are throwing things or whacking things with whatever stick like object you can find. You are still a snuggler and love to be cuddled. Your sweet little lispy voice melts my heart. I will be sad when you grow out of that. You are smart and observant. You talk all day long. In the car you call my name only a few hundred times per trip. You love to play outside more than anything in the world. You are amazing! We love you, baby boy. Happy Birthday! 


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