Lydia, Lydia, Lydia, 

FOUR?!?!?! How in the world are you four already? I know. I know. You can’t keep up with it or that is the way God made you. But could you slow down? My baby girl is getting so big so fast!

You are the sweetest girl I know. You love everyone and are so kind hearted. You want everyone to be happy. You like to help others. You are sensitive to other people’s feelings. You love to read to Liam and help him with everything, even when he doesn’t want your help. You love to clean too. You will stay busy for an hour if I give you a spray bottle and a wash cloth. I really hope that lasts!

You are extremely motherly and a great caregiver. You have like five imaginary babies every day. They have cool names too like Lamp, Curtain, Music, Pink, Sage, Seed, Tree, Pinata, Bucket, Butterfly, you know, names like that. You should totally be famous one day naming babies things like that.  You like to take care of us when we are sick or have a boo-boo. Your pixy dust always makes us feel better.

You are silly and sassy. You don’t talk like a four year old little girl, but more like a 30 year old woman. I wonder where you get that?  You have a crazy good vocabulary and a wild sense of humor. You keep us laughing. You are a problem solver and have a solution for everything. EVERYTHING. Your fixes are usually pretty practical too. And you say it so nonchalantly like Duh? Y’all, this is easy. Why didn’t anyone else think of this?  You like to be in charge. Hopefully you are not too bossy in school. You are already a back seat driver, heaven help us!  

Lydia Grace Butterfly Erni (because that is what you make me call you lately. Hopefully we can drop the Butterfly soon), I am honored to be your mother. I am so glad that we get to share this journey together.  You bring us so much happiness, love, and pure joy. You are amazing! We love you. . . more than our arms can even reach! Happy Birthday Princess! 


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