Christmas Eve- We spent Christmas Eve at the Erni’s for a candle light dinner, Christmas program, and presents. Lydia and Liam loved acting out the Christmas story. Lydia really got into character as you can tell from her face in the pictures. Baby Jesus was a bit large this year! We had a great time. 
We spent the night at Nana and Papa’s so Santa could come. Both kids were so fun this year. As soon as Liam saw his train set with a “train dat goes by its self” he was done. Lydia had to open most of his other presents for him. He was totally absorbed and didn’t care what else was happening. Lydia didn’t mind. She loved opening presents. She also made us some really yummy stuff in her easy bake oven. On a side note. . . I was super excited that Santa brought her an easy bake oven. I loved mine as a kid. It is a bit different as an adult. Talk about a pain in the butt! And who in the world is this gourmet, $8 a mix, cake supposed to feed? Tinkerbell? Easy bake oven was so much cooler in the 80’s! Lydia still thinks it is the coolest thing ever. So I will swallow my disappointment and pretend that it is. 

We also celebrated Nana’s birthday and Unc’s birthday. And Malmal stopped by for a visit. 

And Jared actually asked for gas-x as a joke but got it anyway. Don’t ask Santa for silly stuff, man! He delivers. 

And December 26 was our little family Christmas. All day at home resting and relaxing and playing with presents. It was awesome and much needed! We are so blessed in so many ways! 


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