Liam Tige Erni. That boy. I really think that he is the reason for every single gray hair on my head.  Sometimes time-out works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes he thinks it is funny. And even when he goes in somber or crying, when I come to get him out of time-out four minutes later he laughs. He laughs at me. Every time I sit on his bed to talk to him, he stares at me and laughs. This, my friends, about pushes me over the edge. I’m always “Do you think this is funny? I will leave you in here!” This is when he says “No, Mom, no. I do not think it is funny. (as he is cracking up) It’s just… when you are mad… your eyes get really big go like this!” And he shakes his hand back and forth. At this point we cannot get anything constructive done. He has manipulated the situation and gotten himself out of ‘THE TALK”.

Because time-out doesn’t work sometimes I just thump him on the head. This sounds terrible, I know. But it works.  He hates to be thumped! And I am delighted that I have regained some control again. Sigh. While Daddy was in Utah Liam had to go in time out for something while we were at my parent’s house one day. As I was dragging him in there he was saying “Don’t thump me! Are you going to thump me?” I sat him on the bed and told him that I was just going to talk to him. Then he got this mischievous little grin on his face and asked me if he could thump me as hard as he can. “You can thump me, if I can thump you” I said. Looking angry he said “You just wait until I’m eighteen and see how hard I can thump!” Y’all. I had to just walk out. What in the world!?!?! Eighteen? How does he even know to say that? He is planning his revenge already- as a four year old? I am in trouble with this one! His smart mouth is going to get him into big trouble!



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