Liam Tige,

Happy Birthday to my bestest little buddy! I know I say this every year, but I cannot believe that you are four! My baby is FOUR! I could have not picked a better little boy to call my own. You are perfect for me and for our family. Heavenly Father knew I needed a snuggly little guy. You give the best loves (when I can get you to). You are so ha-ware-we-us (as you say it). You make us laugh every day. I love your sensitive little heart. I am constantly amazed at your deeps thoughts and acquisitions. You ask the best questions and make us all think. You make me proud every day. I cannot wait to see the boy, young man, and gentleman you grow up to be. If you are this amazing now, I can only imagine! I love you, Liam, more than my arms can ever reach! Happy birthday to the best boy ever!

Love, Mommy



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