We spent a fun weekend in Helen with Nan and Pop. We went tubing down the Chattahoochee, which was so much fun! The kids really liked it for about the first half of the trip. But they started to get scared the second half when we started getting stuck on rocks and Jared and Papa would have to get out and push us over them. We tied all six of us together so we got stuck more frequently than other people. Liam said in the middle of the trip that he did not want to go tubing again until he was 18. Then a few minutes later it was not until he was 16. Later it was 10, so things are looking better for a future tubing trip.

Jared and I went to a wedding while my parents took the kids swimming and put-putting. Lucky Ducks!

Then we moseyed around downtown for a bit. Liam was mesmerized by a human statue man. When he put money in the bucket and the statue started moving, Liam was dumbfounded. His face was priceless. Now he wants to be a statue for Halloween.

On the way home we stopped at Babyland General- the Cabbage Patch Doll Hospital. Y’all. The dolls. The crowning heads. The story line. It was creepy and traumatizing. Whoever thought up that script has a sick sense of humor! After the “show” was over we, adults, just looked at each other. Jared’s face was red. My mouth was gaping open, I’m sure. My dad said “That’s wrong. Just so wrong.” I was giggling most of the time, because you know, I usually giggle at inappropriate times. Lydia, however, in her precious innocence thought it was the coolest thing ever. Bless her heart. Lydia and Liam both came home with new “adopted” babies (whose heads were once protruding out of a cabbage that resembles in way too much detail a live birth). Yay us. I may never be the same.










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