And it is finally starting to feel like it here.

I love this picture of L!  This is her new “cheese” face and it cracks me up!

This weekend we did our annual family fall day trip.  Every year we go with my family to the pumpkin patch and then to hike the falls up north.  We picked the perfect weekend to do it.  The weather was outstanding!  We had so much fun.
Lydia loved running up and down the rows of pumpkins.  She had a blast.
I feel bad because we didn’t get any pictures of Liam at the pumpkin patch.  He just wanted to eat the whole time.  Typical boy.  I did get one of the cutest niece ever though!
And you can’t forget the wheelbarrow ride from Daddy.
After the patch we headed to the falls for a good ol’ hike and cookout.
Thanks Daddy and Uncle Phil for toting the wee ones!
It was a great day!


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