A three day weekend! Yipee. I wanted to relax. I did everything but relax. And I’m okay with that. We started the weekend by going to the laser show with friends. There was only a 20% chance of rain. As soon as we got to our perfect spot on the lawn to sit down and eat dinner it started thundering and lightning. Before Liam freaked, we ran in and ate inside the building waiting for the storm to pass. The storm cooled things off and it ended up being really pleasant. The kids ran their little hearts out waiting for the show to start and we all enjoyed the show together.

Jared worked on Saturday morning so the kids and I joined my family for a morning hike. It was so fun and the view at the top was exquisite. The kids were troopers and hiked the whole way up and down. Liam tripped and fell on the way down and bloodied his knees. That half of the trip down was especially fun. Then we met up with Daddy and went out on our friend’s boat. Lydia loved tubing behind the boat and Liam loved watching.  He was not about to get on that thing. We beached the boat and grilled dinner. The kids loved playing in the water. It was a weekend well spent.










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