So we dropped Lydia off for her very first day of school today. I am a teacher. This should be a piece of cake. IT WAS NOT. I was a MESS, to say the very least. She, on the other hand, was amazing. She was so excited. She walked in, hugged and kissed me, and bounced off to pick an activity. Tears welled up in my eyes as my half grown baby girl bebopped away. I turned and got the heck out of dodge before she could see me loose it. The teacher gave me a sympathetic pat on the shoulder and tried to assure me that she would be okay. Haha. Jared and I stood outside the one way window and watched her for a while as I sobbed like a kindergarten baby. I guess more like the Momma of a kindergarten baby. Bless my heart! She played and talked to new friends. She was loving every minute of it. After Jared decided that the office staff was probably tired of hearing me snook my snot back up my nose from crying  he suggested that we leave. As we walked back to the car, I cried some more. Other parents were giving me the soft, ‘you’re a first timer’ head nod as they passed. Not one of my finest moments. Then we sat in the car for a while because I could not pull away. We have never left her with anyone except our parents or my sisters. No one. Now I was leaving my baby with complete strangers. How could I leave her?!?!?! What if something happened? What if she got sad? What if she needed me? Growing up sucks!

Picking her up today was the best thing ever! She was so excited to see us and tell us all about her day. As expected, she loved every second of her school day and was a very good girl. Here’s to hoping that she continues to love school this much for a long, long time and that Mommy gets used to this! 


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