Today when we got back from a long day at the pool I plopped the kids in the tub in our master bathroom and jumped in the shower. Thankfully they love a bath because it seems to be the ONLY time I can do anything around here. So, as soon as they were settled I jumped in for a few seconds of peace. In the same room.  Only a partial wall separating us.  As soon as I closed the door and let the hot water run down my back this conversation came up. .  .

LG-Mom, Liam is drinking his pee.

S-Liam, don’t drink your pee.

LT- Tay.

LG-Mom, he is STILL drinking his pee.

S-Liam, buddy, please stop drinking whatever you are drinking. We don’t drink pee.

LT-Tay. Mom. Me. Dwink. Wador. In. Pwincess. Tup.

LG- Mom, he is drinking water and pee in my princess cup. Water and PEE, Mom!

And I continued to lather my hair, pretending that I was on some deserted island somewhere, like the lady in the herbal essences commercials. I did not get out, y’all. I did not interfere. He probably continued to drink the bath water because Lydia kept complaining about it. It was the first time in at least 24 hours that I was in a 4 foot by 4 foot space all by myself. I did not get out. Mother of the year right here. Mother. of. the. year. 


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