We are planning a trip to Yellowstone this summer and Jared had the brilliant idea the other night to watch a documentary about Yellowstone on the history channel. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. The show starts out with this narrator saying (in a gremlin like voice) something like “Yellowstone lies on the largest underground volcanic activity in the world and no one knows when it will erupt next , killing everyone in a bazillion or something square miles.” Great. I no longer want to go to Yellowstone. So as the dramatic narrator continues I decide it will be best if I just go to sleep and let Jared watch what could possibly be our fate on his own.

The next night Jared thought it would be wise to let Lydia Grace watch the rest of You Might Die in Yellowstone with him. He resumed the episode where he left off the night before which happened to be where a pack of wolves was taking down and eating a giant buffalo. Lydia was all “I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!!” So yeah. 


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