Lydia has been going to primary on her own for a few months now. She can be very shy and was really clingy at the beginning of the year. She adores her fabulous teachers and has so much fun in class, but sharing time is really not her thing. So a few weeks ago after Jared and I got the kids settled in our classes we tried to go into our Sunday school class late and there was standing room only. So, naturally, we stood in the hallway talking to everyone else that was late. During this time I decided to peek in the primary room to check on Lydia.

I almost had a heart attack right there, peering in that window. The teacher in me was mortified. She was wandering around, twirling in the curtain, daydreaming, and doing just about everything except sitting in her seat paying attention like she should have been.

I was all this cannot be MY kid! I asked Jared what I should do. He was zero to little help in the advice department that day. So I went into the primary room and talked to her. She cried. But after that she sat still and listened. I think.

So when we got home we talked again about what is expected in primary. I also made her a little paper egg that she takes to primary with her and sits on. She has to keep the egg warm and cannot get off of it unless she is called up to the front. Every week, if she does this, she gets a sticker. After she earns 5 stickers she gets to take a snack to her class in primary. And hopefully after 5 stickers she will not need the egg anymore. 

So far we have had 3 successful weeks! 


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