Liam is going through some separation anxiety and does not like to stay in nursery by himself anymore. Jared usually goes in with him for a while and then Liam chills with one of us the rest of church. Today we were setting up the primary room before primary started and Lydia asked to be the reverent child. So I got out the reverent child crowns and gave her one. Liam, of course, wanted to do exactly what Lydia was doing. So I gave him one too. He walked around the room saying “I’m a pwincess. I’m a weal pwincess!” He was happier than a pig in slop, that boy! Well, the time came when the children were coming into primary and Liam had to give another child the crown. As the older boy put the crown on his head, giant crocodile tears welled up in Liam’s eyes. Looking up at him he said, choking back the tears, “I guess I won’t be a pwincess anymore.” Jared cracked up and took him, sobbing about not being a princess anymore, to nursery. Bless his heart! 

^^^And this is the image that I posted on Instagram right before we left for church. Sigh. ^^^


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