Our conversation at dinner went something like this. . .

S- Lydia, do you want broccoli and rice?

L- No, just broccoli.

J- Is it weird that I just ate a piece of chicken that looked like a human ear?

Seriously. We were eating Chinese, just for the record.  It kinda makes you question things- huh?

In other news. . . Lydia has finally let me touch her hair! She has always been good at wearing hair bows, but they had to be on a soft headband or a tiny clip that I’d just slide in. But she hates having her hair brushed or touched in any way. It is so irritating. That is one reason that we have had her hair cut so many times. She just won’t let me do anything with it. She finally let me do back pigtails on Auntie Em’s birthday as a surprise for her. Since then she has wanted me to pull her hair up everyday. It is so cute! I just hope this phase lasts!
ready to rock n’ roll in mommy’s shoes
trying to choose which “tup tate” she wants


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