Since Hula the frog died, Daddy talked Mommy into getting pet rats. Oreo and Custard. I have to admit. . . they are cute little things and Lydia LOVES them. She has done such a good job taking care of them. She feeds them and gives them water, cleans up their poop, talks them on walks in a little carry case (yes, we are those weird neighbors) and snuggles them as much as we will let her. She even named them herself. Jared and I were baffled when she came up with the name custard. We were all “how does she even know that word?” Come to find out, it is the cat’s name on Strawberry Shortcake, her newest obsession. Clever little thing. Liam thinks that he wants to hold them until you get them near him. Then he is not so sure. Roxy thinks they are cool too. 


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