We went to Stone Mountain for family night last night. It was so much fun! We played putt-putt, rode the train, toured the plantation, petted the animals, had a picnic, and watched the laser show.  And if you are Liam you picked up goat poop several times and hucked it like a rock and then rolled in the mud. Needless to say the kids had so much fun!

On the way there we stopped by Wal-mart and I ran in to get some drinks for the cooler and glow sticks for the laser show. I ran by the bubble section and found the same exact light up glowing bubble guns that they sell during the laser show for $3.88. I was like SCORE ME! I grabbed two, grabbed batteries, and left.

So after all of the activities and walking the gigantic park we get to big lawn for our picnic and I decided to get the bubble guns out for the kids. They were so excited. This is when I realized that my money saving $3.88 bubble guns was a HUGE FAIL on my part.

Reason 1. I grabbed AA not AAA batteries.
Reason 2. The dang battery compartment is screwed on. SCREWED ON!

So I ran to one of the shops and purchased 8 AAA counterfeit Duracell batteries from China for $17. That is $2 a pop, y’all! Then Jared went on a quest for a screw driver or pocket knife. He ended up buying an $8 pocket knife.  So my efforts to save money did not pay off. Our $3.88 bubble guns just turned into a whopping $32.00. Sigh. I should have just bought them there. Lesson learned. Next time I will be better prepared. 

Now, picture overload! 

putt-putt, train ride, and petting zoo
While she was doing this. . . 
he was doing this!
And finally, $32 was totally worth it! 


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