I have put off the whole Elf on the Shelf thing for as longs as I could. I love the idea and think it is so cute. But really, who has time for all that?!?! Well now I do, or better find the time. Lydia came home from school the other day so excited to tell me about all the kids in her class that have an elf that live at their  house that do all these silly things and she wanted to know why we don’t have a little elf living at our house. Sigh. Because Mommy sucks and has way too much on her plate already to house a little elf that moves all the time. But I caved. And I have NEVER seen Lydia Grace so excited. So worth the ridiculous price and effort!

We discovered him last night. He must have just flown in,  eased down the chimney, and was trying to climb up our fireplace. He brought his book with him so I read it to the kids. Lydia already knew the whole story because she has one in her classroom too. (Thank you, overachieving teachers, thank you! Just Kidding.) So, after we read the story Lydia was jumping around with excitement and hugging me every 10 seconds. She wanted me to text her teachers so that they would know that she has an elf now. She named him Mr. Buddy. Not long after we discovered him, Liam shoved Lydia because she was in his way. Jared and I were all “Liam, do not push your sister! That elf is here to tell Santa if you are naughty or nice! Do you want to be on the naughty list?” He looked at us. He looked at the elf. He looked at us and said “No, hims still happy, wook” as he pointed to Mr. Buddy’s mischievously smiling face. Chuckling we were all “No, Liam, he will tell Santa.” So then he goes right up to the elf and gets as close as he can without touching him, because if you touch him he loses his magical powers, you know, and says “He wooks fake!” Jared and I were rolling. And Lydia Grace- she was furious. She was completely appalled by his skepticism! How dare he even infer that Mr. Buddy is FAKE!  “He is NOT fake, Liam! He is real. He is really, really real!” She yelled throwing her arms around like a Baptist preacher.

I, on the other hand, was appalled that my 2 year old knows and uses the word fake correctly. And that he was so skeptical. He was looking at Mr. Buddy like you want me to believe that that little, fake looking thing flies to Santa every night to report my behavior. I think I‘ll take my chances! Being naughty is way too fun!

This should be exciting! 


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