That one time Jared made an inappropriate snowman… in front of a lot of children. . . at church. I’m thinking we might be fired soon! Jared teaches the music class for kids at church. Today and all throughout January he had this cute activity where the kids would build a snowman on the board. He put all the snowman parts on the ground and each part had a song on the back. Well, today with the older kids the only parts of the snowman that were left were the arms. The cute little snowman had a hat, a scarf, eyes, buttons, a carrot nose etc… Then came the first arm. The kid handed it to Jared. Jared read the song on the back to the pianist and without much attention any attention to detail stuck the arm on the snowman. Except he didn’t put it where the arm should go. “You put it on the wrong ball,” a kid yelled out. And when I looked up I almost died. Yes. He put it on the wrong ball. And it didn’t look much like an arm anymore. Sigh. I walked up and moved the “arm” a little higher and left the room trying my best to control my giggles.


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