***WARNING*** This story is a PG13 kind of story. Only my children! If you do not share our rude, crude, and unrefined sense of humor you may want to skip this one. And the title makes it a little worse. But in the words of Lydia Grace “You know how we are!”  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Jared was taking Lydia to school this morning and Liam to Grammy’s house. For some reason he gave them both a giant marshmallow to eat on the ride. First off, a giant marshmallow at 8:00 in the morning? Why? My guess is that the car ride would be a lot quieter. Our kids like to talk. A lot. A lot. A lot. Half way to school Lydia decided that she did not want hers and handed it to Jared who popped the whole thing in his mouth. And then this happened, folks!

LG- Whoa, Daddy! How can you put that whole thing in your mouth?
J- I have a big mouth.
LT- Yeah, Daddy. You have a big mouth and a HUGE wiener!

And the whole car erupted in laughter, Jared almost choking to death on his marshmallow.

Jared pulled into the parking lot at school, turned to Goosie and threatened, “DO NOT REPEAT ANY OF THAT AT SCHOOL!!!!!”


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