^^^Be still my heart! I love how my kids adore him! ^^^
Vic and Deb had a fun little get together with all the cousins tonight. They made homemade ice cream and had way too many desserts to choose from. I’ll be eating peanut butter brownies for days. Lydia and Liam loved running around and playing with all of the little cousins. And they did run! Run and run and run. After being cooped up in the car for three days, they were little energy balls. It was fun to see everyone.

Today is Liam’s birthday. He was so excited to see Papa Great. All day in the car he would ask “Are we at my birthday yet? Are we at Papa Great’s yet?” That is all he wanted for his birthday. He can be so practical sometimes. My mom sent a birthday gift and card with money in it for him. So on the way to Vic and Deb’s we let him open it. I was all “Buddy, we can stop by the store and you can buy yourself a birthday gift with the money Nanny sent with you. She wanted you to pick out something special on your real birthday.” To this he replied, “I don’t need anything. She got me my bike.” Sensible little lad, have you been hanging out with practical Papa too much? Then we stopped to pick him up a birthday cake and he is all “I don’t need a birthday cake. I am not very hungry.” I got him a cake anyway.


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